What is a Simulation?

Formerly known as CSUN Simulation Services

Group Simulations                        

Institutions can get the most "bang for their buck" through group simulations. As many as 30 students can participate in the simulator together, taking maximum advantage of the social learning opportunities afforded by group simulation. Students observe, brainstorm and interact with the avatars around the course content created by YOU for your curriculum objectives. 


We offer a variety of session packages for group simulations, from "Starter Packages" that let you dip one toe in the water, to "Cadillac Packages" that provide you enough services for multiple classes over an entire school year.


For information on pricing and packages, please use the Contact form at the bottom of this page. We will get back to you within three working days.

Individual Simulations

Individual sessions can be used for individual practice, homework and/or follow-up. Students can access the system from home or a school-based lab, and can work alone or with a small group of colleagues sharing the session from their computers.

Important Scheduling Guidelines

  • Sessions must be booked three weeks in advance, and are not considered finalized until a confirming email has been sent from CSUN and acknowledged by the booking institution. All session materials must be received two weeks in advance of sessions. 

  • SimPact reserves the right to cancel sessions without a refund if the scheduling guidelines are not met. 

  • Occasionally an emergency situation could require cancellation of a session by CSUN. In the unlikely occasion of a last minute cancellation by CSUN your session cost will be refunded.

Other Services

Facilitation Training

Work with a Simulation Specialist to learn how to facilitate a high quality session that will yield strong learning outcomes.

Facilitation Training may be contracted for small groups, with multiple facilitators being trained at once, or may be done individually. 

Minimum 2 hours. Use the Contact link below for pricing information.

Scenario Development

Work with a Simulation Specialist to create a custom scenario to meet your needs.

SimPact specializes in creating high quality, customized scenarios that meet the specific needs of the learners in your program. We will work with you to create a scenario that is individualized to your course learning objectives.

Minimum 2 hours, with one free follow up. Simulation Packages include some scenario development. Use the Contact link below to receive pricing information.


What People Are Saying

About SimPact

(Formerly known as CSUN Simulation Services)

“I was initially skeptical about how the Simulator might bring something that a classroom role-play doesn't already accomplish. I am no longer skeptical. The Simulator experience is an outstanding learning tool for MSW students.  The remarkable thing about the Simulator is how the students were fully engaged with the avatar and with each other.” -


Instructor, Department of Social Work.

"The level of authenticity we are able to achieve with the CSUN Simulator just cannot be recreated via other methods." - Instructor, College of Education.

"The most amazing thing I've done in my program so far!" - Student

"Role play can only be so realistic....this felt like I was in a session with a real client" - Student

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